Impending Battle

Over the past few years, the Lord had been speaking of an impending battle. One of His illustrations has been this picture from The Horse and His Boy, at the end of the Narnian army's march to the battlefield in Archenland:

Here, the army halted and spread out in a line, and there was a great deal of rearranging. A whole detachment of very dangerous-looking Beasts whom Shasta had not noticed before went padding and growling to take up their positions on the left. The giants were ordered to the right. The archers, with Queen Lucy, fell to the rear and you could see them bending their bows and then hear the twang-twang as they tested the strings. And wherever you looked, you could see people tightening girths, putting on helmets, drawing swords, and throwing cloaks to the ground. There was hardly any talking now. It was very solemn and very dreadful…

For a season, we've been preparing for a great battle that is yet before us. What you're seeing now is the first skirmishes of that battle already upon us. It's like God is bringing His reluctant army into warfare little by little, toughening us up, preparing us for the bloodshed to come.

Since you are a warrior born, and since you are always drawn to a battle, you are one of the first to experience the fight. You have surrounded yourself with warriors, and so you see many of your friends beginning to encounter more of the enemy.

This is the purpose of God, this is His plan: that you would not shrink from the battle, that you would cause more casualties than you take, that you would learn to be healed quickly and to heal those around you quickly, and that you would leave behind you a very wide swath of demonic corpses as you take the battle to the enemy.

This is your destiny! Draw your sword! Throw your cloak to the ground! Let's go to war.


the rose among lillies said...

Gosh. I swear everything you write is for me.

...I wrote today too...and posted it even. :) I'm gonna be ok. It's scary...but I'm going to make it out in better shape than when I went in. Ha. Most of the time a war leaves you wounded...but not this time, not this battle...we are going to come out more whole then when we began.

the rose among lillies said...

In other words to what I just wrote above...we are going into battle all busted up, and we are going to come out of the battle whole.

That's a really neat picture I got while responding to your post. It's completely opposite the natural realm. :)

Tim Prussic said...

Love the call to arms.

I'd confess ignorance as to the immediate battle you mention. What, specifically, is currently under way? How do the current skirmishes or battles relate to the one, huge, cosmic, world-wide one that lasts until the return of that Lion of Judah and the attendant resurrection?