Walking in Authority

The scene was an AA Allen meeting, back in the day. At Allen's tent meetings, he regularly had demons manifesting. So it was his policy to set up a second tent, where his assistants would take the people manifesting demons and get them delivered, out of sight of the main meetings.

One day, the young men had delivered everybody of their demons except one old cuss, whose demon obdurately refused to leave. They tried everything they knew, prayed every prayer they ever heard, quoted every scripture, and still the demon mocked them.

They’d been at it for hours, determined to see this man set free. The main meetings finished, and people left, and still the demon resisted them. They determined to keep at it – all night if need be – until this poor man was free.

Finally, the last car leaving the parking lot stopped by the deliverance tent, and out stepped AA Allen himself. In a glance, he saw what was happening, and walked over to the demoniac. He bent over, and whispered a sentence, and the demon fled, screaming. Allen stood up, and walked back to his car.

The young men were astounded, and one ran up to him. “What did you say? What authority did you use? How did you do that? Why couldn’t we?”

Allen paused. “I said, ‘My name is AA Allen. Now get out!’” and he stepped into the car and drove off.

There’s a reason that we’re told to walk in the authority Father has given us. Some of us handle Father’s authority like it’s precious china, or like it’s an expensive and complicated tool: we must be careful and we must use it exactly right!

And Father is calling us to just walk in the authority: we’re his kids, so of course we carry his authority. It’s not something we do, it’s not about the right words, the right prayers, as if they were incantations.

It’s about us being his beloved children: we speak and we don’t even need to mention his name: all of heaven and all of hell already knows that when we speak, we’re speaking in his name.


grace said...

i love that story! it makes one feel strong and courageous!! thanks for sharing it, it helps to enable the confidence that is so needed to walk in our God-given authority!
will re-read this again and again to remind myself of it :)

Anonymous said...

I went to brother schambachs school when he was young and just starting out he began to travel with a.a.alan one day he looked at schambach and said no one travels with me unless they can cast out demons. a demon possessed woman came and a.a. alen said go cast it out schambach got some mebers that volunteered in the choir and several local ministers attending the meeting. They all ended up leaving he was drenched in sweat and knew if he could not get this done the lady would suffer and a.a.alen would likely not let him continue to travel. He was drenched in sweat until he finally listened and just sought the Lord. right then the anointing hit him from head to toe in less than a half hour the battle was over. I am pretty sure he put that testimony on tape if you ever get it it is absoloutly hilarious. Also Kenneth hagins angels and demons He testifys too what was not taught at seminary. It's hilarious and contains a recoring of a demon possessed man roaring like a lion and firing 5 shots at him a short distance from the pulpit. outstanding two c.d sermon if memory serves it made an unbeliever turn pale white sitting in my car. most Christian schools have no casting out demons courses. lester sumral demonology two cd Is his bible school college lectures with his mini books the witchdoctor,invisible boy and bitten by demons it would put most believers miles ahead in knowledge of many pastors I've met for decades.

grace said...

this was an awesome story!! wow, what power in knowing who he was!! that's good food for thought! i'm in awe, can't wipe the smile off my face lol...and smh!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... Hey I am so sorry that angels and demons set was john hagee !