Learning About Partnering With Angels

I hold an opinion that makes a lot of Christians, a lot of Christian leaders, very, very nervous: I believe that God gives new revelation in some seasons, which previous centuries of Christians may not have had, or may have once had and have forgotten.

One of the topics that it seems that God’s talking about – and it’s terribly uncomfortable to the traditions I was raised in – is the topic of angels. I believe that God is speaking to his children about angels, who are “ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation.”

There are some reasons that this topic has scared people in the church: some leaders have feared that people would be more enamored with the angels than with the God who created them. And some believers have become so angel-centric that they can’t even spend time with their Heavenly Father without invoking angels.

Sure, there are legitimate concerns to avoid. (There are always legitimate concerns to avoid.) We’ll avoid the dangers, but avoiding the dangers isn’t our goal. Our goal is receiving what Father gives us, because if the Creator of the Universe thinks we need it, then who are we to argue? We need it.

I have a couple of these fellows who live at my home. They guard the peace and the people of  my home. They’re also eager to do stuff, so they roam my neighborhood, terrorizing any demons they find. And frankly, they provoke me to press into Father, to dig into the Word, to learn more about how to live with angels.

They didn’t teach me this stuff in Sunday School.


xlp said...

So are you going to give us a boost? ... Teach us more of what HE's taught you concerning this?

If I search my computer I can find a piece you wrote where you invoked neighborhood guardians. I've prayed about it and imitated it; have no "sight" signs that anything's going on--but then, walking by faith says I don't always sense something.

But even more, I continue to listen. With that "no respecter of persons" phrase, I'm certain the HS will any minute be giving me revelation about this. I mean, I respect your experience but am pretty sure faith walks most pleasantly as personal revelation. I hear Him regarding other stuff so I'm pressing in on this.

And thank you for your provocation.

Maiar said...

My son saw an angel outside once, guarding the house while I had a difficult conversation with my abusive husband. This son's now an atheist. They didn't teach me how to deal with that in Bible College.