Explosions All Around Us

Some folks among us have had violent, “earth shaking” events in their lives recently. Some have been asking, “Why Lord? Why me?”

A good gardener (or “husbandman”) has many tools at his disposal, some which are not intuitive.

Our gardener has been preparing some of us for growth by detonating charges around us, even underneath us. Sometimes, all we see is the explosions going off around us, showering us and those around us with detritus.  

Occasionally, we may see our bearded Gardener, twinkle in his eye, as he stands back from a freshly lit fuse. It’s easy to suspect that he’s bringing harm from the detonation, and this is undoubtedly where we get the idea that God works to harm us.
It’s true that God allows in his wisdom many things that he could, by his power, prevent from happening to us. And it’s likely that he does set off some of the blasts that startle us and discombobulate us.

But it is always for our good. The blasts that throw dirt all over our carefully planned lives loosen the dirt around our roots, making room for fresh growth, fresh nourishment, and from there, fresh fruit.

And those explosions that disturb our peace and frustrate our own plans often kill off the grubs that chew on our roots, the little foxes that spoil the vines, the demons that contentedly prey on our hopes and our fruitfulness.

The reality is that if we’ve been praying for “more of God,” for “more fruit,” or for “expanded tentpegs,” then these jolting and disheveling explosions may be the answer to our prayers. They’re making room for growth, easier growth, in our lives.

Maybe it’s time to give thanks for the earth shaking events in our lives, or at least for the results of them. 

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Kerri said...

Thank You!
I know all that you write is truth. In the midst of this year in particular I have had so much shaken from under my feet at times all I know is my emotion can not guide me. My circumstance that is temporary can not be the only thing at work.
For two years I have asked for the more. Lord please root anything out of me that must go so I can carry more of your presence to help bring freedom to you children. Use me Lord.
Well, I have cried mercy many many many times this year. BUT after the tear and the fretting I always remember I have prayed for the more. And I want His work to continue. At as quick a pace as I can bear.
This year my mother entered her place in the heavenliness. She asked me to take a year and garden as I walk through the process of grieving her earthly departure. To be with the Lord prophetically and literally in my garden. Turning the soil, planting the seed, tending the garden. I have weeped, laughed, yelled, felt His rest and been frustrated by the process. But the seasons come and the roots grow, and I must tend to ensure nothing takes the life that I have been tending to. I must keep the ground and the territory He has placed in my care.
He is doing the same for us! Diligently.
Lord I trust you that although I may not understand the immediate circumstances, I know you are moving on my behalf. Thank you for this blog!